Natural Stone Sealer

Sealers for Sandstone, Limestone, Slate, Granite, Marble & Travertine

Natural Stone Sealer, Sandstone Sealer & Black Limestone Sealer

Smartseal supply a Natural Stone Sealer for sandstone, limestone. slate and granite surfaces in Ireland. Our sealers for Natural Stone impregnate into the surface of the stone, rendering the surface water repellent and stain resistant, thus, providing long term protection and reduced maintenance. The Naturakl Stone Sealer is available in a Dry, Colour Enhanced and "Wet Look" finish. The Natural Stone Sealer is easy to apply and safe to use around animals, vegetation and foodstuffs due to their non-solvent nature.

The Natural Stone Sealer can be used on Sandstone, Limestone, Slate, Granite, Terracotta and all forms of stone patios and floors. The unique formulation of our Natural Stone Sealer also allows the stone to breathe, so any moisture within the substrate can escape and is therefore not trapped which can cause further problems. On most surfaces, if applied correctly and to saturation, a lifespan of up to 5 years can be expected.

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Slate Sealer, Granite Sealer, Stone Sealer & Travertine Sealer

We supply Natural Stone Sealer for a variety of Natural Stone surfaces. The Natural Stone Sealer is suitable for Sandstone, Limestone, Terracotta, Slate, Granite and Vitrified Paving - We think our Natural Stone Sealer is the best on the market. It protects the surface for up to 5 years, rendering the surface water and stain repellent.

We supply Sandstone Sealer, Slate Sealer, Granite Sealer, Travertine Sealer and Stone Sealer. The Natural Stone Sealer can be supplied as a wet look, colour enhancer or 'dry' invisible finish.

Once the sealer is applied, it alters the molecular structure of the surface, impregnating deep into the voids which inhibits weed, moss and algae growth. Therefore, once our sealers are applied, with some ongoing maintenance, the surface should stay in good-as new condition.

If you need any help or advice before ordering please Contact Us or call us on 01 649 9053.

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