Brick Wall Coating

Waterproof Coatings for Brickwork & Masonry

Brick Wall Coating to Waterproof Exterior Brickwork & Masonry

Most brick walls are porous and over time can be vulnerable to damp penetration. If you want to prevent damp on brick walls and masonry it is adviable to apply a brick wall coating. The brick wall coating will act as a brick waterproofer and help prevent water ingress which causes damp.

If you need to waterproof exterior brickwork, an application of brick sealer or masonry protection cream will both work. The masonry protection cream is best used when the brickwork needs waterproofing. The masonry protection cream will last up to 25 years and can quickly stop damp from spreading on brick walls.

Waterproofing exterior brickwork can done using the brick sealer as well. In most cases this will solve the problem of how to make brickwork waterproof. Prior to application of a waterproof brick sealer the brickwork should be clean and dry. If moss or algae is present, then a moss remover should be used first. If there is any efflorescence on the brick wall, an efflorescence remover can be used to remove the salts.

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Brick Wall Coating & Brick Waterproofer to Stop Damp on Brick Walls

Keeping walls storm dry when wet weather conditions make brick walls very wet can be difficult. A brick waterproofer can make brick walls impermeable to water ingress and help prevent the spread of damp.

If you want to stop damp on brick walls, the best product to use is our masonry protection cream. It acts like a brick sealer and will prevent water ingress but does a lot more. The masonry cream penetrates deep into the brickwork or masonry and forms a waterproof barrier. If the brick wall is kept dry then this should eliminate the problem caused by water ingress. An application of masonry cream or brick sealer will ensure you have storm dry wall for years to come.

A brick wall coating which acts as a superior brick waterproofer to prevent damp on brick walls & masonry. If you want to stop damp on brick walls our masonry protection cream is a superior brick wall coating that really works.