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Smartseal's range of Patio Sealers are among the most durable protective sealers available in the UK market that can be used on most patio surfaces. For external concrete flagstone, block paving and imprinted concrete patios we stock solvent based acrylic sealers. This type of sealer last 3-5 years and it is recommended to apply this product with a sprayer, roller or a sealing broom specifically for imprinted concrete. The first coat is to be applied to saturation, with an optional but recommended second coat to be applied for optimal protection.

Patios that are laid with Natural Stone such as Sandstone, Limestone, Slate, Granite, Travertine or Terracotta are recommended to be sealed with our Solvent-Free Natural Stone Sealers. These eco-friendly, breathable and impregnating sealers are highly resistant to wear, and will last a long time. Available in a dry invisible finish, wet look or colour enhancing effect that can add value to any patio.

Patio cleaning products for the preparation of the patio sealers we supply are also stocked. It is essential to thoroughly clean any patio prior to sealing.

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Patio Cleaning Products & Patio Sealers to Lasting Protection to Patios

Smartseal stock and supply a complete range of patio cleaning products as well as patio sealing products. The patio sealers and patio cleaning products will help to keep any patio surface looking like new and cut down on maintenance.

Our range of patio sealers are available in both solvent and solvent-free compositions, suitable for homeowners, commercial client and contractors. Our water based patio sealers are extremely high quality, and the benefits can still be noticed for many years after sealing. Suitable for sandstone, limestone, travertine, slate, granite, marble and limestone our solvent-free range are safe to use around animals and children.

Both our solvent-free and solvent based patio sealers render the surface water resistant, and slow the growth of any organic growth on concrete, block paving and natural stone patios.

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