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Bricks & Masonry

Bricks & Masonry

Smartseals Brick Sealer and Masonry Cream are the ultimate solution for problems caused by penetrating damp. Our range of brick sealers and masonry cream are suitable for brickwork, stone or masonry. They work by impregnating deep into the porous surface of the brick, stone and masonry, rendering the surface water-repellent. Application of our brick and masonry products also help slow down the growth of damp, mould, algae and lichens, as the surface no longer retains damp which is the perfect environemnt for these organic growths to thrive.

Our products are vapour permeable, allowing any trapped moisture to simply evaporate from the brickwork. Our Brick Sealer is so effective that a lifespan of approximately 15 years can be expected. Furthermore, our Masonry Cream penetrates even deeper into the substrate, and last over 25 years.



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Simply apply our Brick Sealer and Masonry Cream by roller, brush or sprayer. Our impregnating Masonry Cream's and Brick Sealer's work by filling the microscopic voids that are evident in the surfaces substrate. Therefore, preventing any damp penetration and moisture retention.

Our Brick/Masonry is a high-quality, clear, solvent-free, breathable, acryclic based impregnating coating system. It provides an excellenet stain and water repellent surface for where ever it is applied to.

Our Masonry Cream is a VOC-free, water based cream that penetrates deeply into the substrate, having a life expectancy of 25 years or more.