Natural Stone Sealer 'COLOUR-ENHANCER' - High Quality, Durable Sealer for Slate, Sandstone, Limestone & other surfaces (100ml Sample +2 Sizes) **see exceptions below

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I have tried the sample and it does what is says. It makes the enhanced stone stand out from the pointing. I will be ordering a litre in the near future.

By Gordon Le Moignan From Kerry

Thank you for once an item that that I can't praise high enough . Great job on bringing out the different shades on my sandstone and a great finish overall. Cheers Joe From Ireland.

By Joseph Bracken

Used on and old exposed stone fireplace, various different stone types, slate, limestone and some others. Came up great, really enhanced the colour . Very happy with the product so far, will see how it is to live with with regards to dust and stains.

By Cian W From Waterford Ireland

Ordered a sample before buying, was able to check the difference between this and the invisible dry option. This brought out the colour of the sandstone but without making it too "blingy". Easy order process and very prompt delivery, easily accessible telephone advice also helps.

By Cherryll West

After searching the internet for natural Indian sandstone sealers I decided to choose SmartSeal for my newly laid patio. The service I received was excellent, When ordering I was given advice on how much I would need, how to apply and the use of a residue remover because of the pointing compound I used. I used the natural colour enhancer sealer and I am really pleased with the finished result. Thank you all for your helpful,efficient and friendly service.

By Chris Thompson From Lincoln

I have just had a new natural Indian sandstone patio installed.I needed to find a product that would not only seal the stone against spills and grass stains etc but also enhance the look of the stone.After viewing the Smart-seal videos online i knew I'd found the perfect product.Fast delivery and easy to apply and makes the patio look great. I would highly recommend this product,its not the cheapest around but as always you get what you pay for!

By Jason Caley From Hull
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Colour Enhancing Natural Stone Sealer

Impregnating Stone Sealer that enhances the colours of Natural Stone Patios & Floors

Step-by-Step Video Guide

Smartseal Sandstone Sealer and Limestone Sealer is a polymer rich impregnating coating that enhances and protects all forms of natural stone and slate. Application will change the chemical structure of the natural stone and seal the porous voids within the stone. This will create an extremely water repellent barrier and increasing stain resistance. 

Once applied, the stone enhancer will leave a damp finish naturally enhancing the original colour of the stone.

  • Leaves the surface darker or with a 'damp' looking finish
  • Expect coverage ratios of 4-6m2 per litre (more on dense limestone or slate)
  • Easy Application by brush, roller or sprayer
  • Normally Touch dry in 2-3 hours. Fully cured after 24 hrs
  • Lifespan of up to 5 years can be expected
  • Formulated for internal and external surfaces

Provides sealed coating and increases resistance to the growth of algae, lichen and organic green growth (always apply to test area 1st)


PREPARATION: Prior to application of sandstone sealer or natural stone sealer ensure surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry and free from contamination. If algae or stains are present pre-treat prior to cleaning with an appropriate cleaning product.

**If applied to a surface where a "sweep-in" pointing compound has been used within the last 6 months, the natural stone must be fully cleaned with Smartseal Residue Remover prior to sealant application.**

APPLICATION: A suitable pressure sprayer or roller is recommended taking care to avoid any pooling. Application on all substrates should be to full saturation, with a 2nd 'wet on wet' coat advised.

COVERAGE: Apply 1st coat to saturation and a 2nd light coat 'wet on wet' within approx 45 minutes. On most forms of stone 1 x 25 litre will treat up to150 m2. On limestone and slate approx 200 m2.

Remove any excess sealer after around 45 minutes. Use in temperatures above 12-15 degrees in good drying conditions. Do not apply if threat of rain within 6 hours. Application tools can be cleaned with clean water.

SHELF LIFE: Store away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Protect from frost. store for up to 12 months (in original sealed container).