Concrete Sealers & Concrete Repair Products

Concrete Sealers & Concrete Repair Products

We supply and stock high quality concrete sealers for sealing all types of concrete surfaces. The concrete sealers are used for sealing concrete floors, walls, driveways, roofs and many other areas where concrete is used.

Sealing concrete is essential as it tends to be very porous. If concrete is not sealed the concrete can deteriorate very quickly as water penetration and frost damage will soon take effect. A good quality concrete sealer can provide lasting protection to most concrete substrates.

Concrete floor sealers and worktop sealers are generally of the non-solvent variety as they are used internally. The same goes for concrete dustproofers, which help prevent concrete dusting on floors and walls.

For concrete roof tiles, a concrete roof tile sealers can help slow down the growth of moss and alage on porous roof tiles. Imprinted concrete can be sealed using  patterned concrete sealers which are very durable.

For help and advice on any of imprinted concrete sealers we supply, please call 01 649 9053.

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Concrete sealers for Floors, Walls, Driveways & Patios

Concrete sealers for patios can help keep a patio looking like new and help prevent surface damage. The concrrete sealers are very durable and prevent water ingress into porous concrete substrates.

Concrete floors can be sealed using a concrete floor sealer that can also act as a concrete dustproofer. The stain resistant concrete floor sealers are also very hard wearing and offer lastng protection to concrete flooring.

Concrete is generally very porous and should always be sealed after installation if long term durability is important. If the concrete is not sealed it may be vulnerable to frost damage. Concrete damaged by frost is liable to crack up over time and is hard to repair once this happens. Concrete crack repairs can be carried out to frost damaged concrete but should be avoided by sealing in the first place.

Concrete roof tiles can be protected using concrete roof tiles sealers that make the roof tiles water resistant. Making roof tiles non-porous can help to slow down the growth of moss and algae which thrive in damp conditions.