Brick Sealer

Brick waterproofer & sealer for brickwork & masonry

Brick Sealer

Clear Brick Sealer for Waterproofing Brickwork & Masonry 

We supply a clear brick sealer for waterproofing brickwork and masonry. If you need a brick wall sealer to prevent damp use the clear brick sealer or Climashield Masonry Protection Cream. Both waterproofing products for brickwork will protection brickwork against damp caused by water ingress.

The brick sealer will form an invisible water-resistant barrier to brickwork, stone and masonry. An application of either the brick sealer or damp proofing cream will slow down the spread of mould, algae and damp.

Both the brick wall sealer and Masonry Protection Cream work by filling in the porous voids in the bricks or masonry, at a microscopic level. Our sealers for brickwork and masonry protection products are water-vapour permeable and will not trap any retained moisture in the substrate.

Smartseal Brick Sealer is highly effective and is expected to have a lifespan of approximately 10 - 15 years. It will not alter the visual appearance of your property.

Climashield Masonry Cream will penetrate more deeply into the brickwork and therefore has an expected lifespan of 25 - 30 years.

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Interior Brick Sealer & Brick Waterproofer

We supply transparent exterior wall coatings suitable for application on unpainted brick and stone walls. The brick sealer will help to prevent damp, mould, mildew and condensation. If you need a clear brick sealer to stop penetrating damp we have a number of products that can help.

Brick sealer can be applied by sprayer, brush or roller. It acts as a brick waterproofer that will help to prevent damp and water ingress on brickwork and masonry.

Smartseal Masonry Protection Cream is the perfect solution to stop penetrating damp from getting into older properties without increasing the risk of moisture getting trapped. It is a paintable masonry cream formulated with proven silane/siloxane technology. The masonry cream will absorb into the pores of masonry, bricks and mortar; making the brick wall resistant to water penetration.

Smartseal Masonry Protection Cream is highly breathable, which allows moisture to release from a property.