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Concrete Sealers & Concrete Repair products for Driveways, Walls & Floors

Smartseal Concrete sealers provide long last protection for both internal and external concrete surfaces. Suitable for application in both commercial and domestic environments, Smartseal are a one-stop shop for all your concrete sealing needs. We supply external concrete sealers as well as internal concrete sealers for all kinds of applications.

Many people need to apply concrete sealers to damp-proof their walls or floors. The concrete sealers work by filling the microscopic voids that are existent within the concrete, which then renders the surface water-repellent. We also stock a range of concrete dustproofers which are specifically designed for conditions where dust is a problem such as garage floors.

We offer techincal help and advice for all the concrete sealers we supply. If you have any questions regarding our concrete floor sealers, imprinted concrete sealers or concrete dustproofers, just call 01 649 9053.

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Concrete Floor Sealers, Imprinted Concrete Sealers & Dustproofers for Concrete

Concrete sealers are used primarily to protect concrete from deterioration. They protect the surface, reducing the need for regular cleaning and maintenance. As the sealers fill the porous voids existent within the concretes substrate, the opportunity for moss, algae and weeds to grow is diminished. This works as the porous voids are sealed, therefore, moisture cannot penetrate the surface. However, the surface is breathable allowing trapped moisture to escape through the sealer.

Concrete floor sealers provide lasting protection to concrete floors that are used frequently. A concrete floor sealer can prolong the lifespan of the concrete floor once sealed. Imprinted concrete sealers are used to protect concrete driveways and patios laid with imprinted concrete. If concrete dusting is an issue a good quality concrete dustproofer can be used to eliminate the problem.

Frost is a major issue for many homeowners who have external concrete surfaces. The freeze and thaw effect commonly causes lasting damage to unprotected concrete surfaces, therefore, the costs associate with sealing a concrete surface are soon returned given the long-term protection and reduced need for maintenance.

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