Step-By-Step Video Guides

Help & Advice

Tarmac & Asphalt

Detailed steps to clean, repair and restore Tarmac driveways and car parks
Short DIY guide for Tarmaseal™, the solution to tired tarmac
Xtreme60 Cleans Paving, Roofs, Patios and Driveways without Pressure Washing

Imprinted Concrete

DIY Sealing, Repair and Recolouring of Imprinted Concrete
Detailed guide on how to completely restore Imprinted Concrete driveways
Xtreme 60 - Fast Acting Cleaner for Drives, Roofs and Patios

Roof Cleaning

Professional steps of cleaning, repairing and applying roof paint
Xtreme 60 - Potent products for easy clean of Driveways, Patios and Roofs

Block Paving

"Block Magic" Turns old Block Paving into New
Preparing and Applying Eco-Friendly Block Sealer to driveways
Detailed guide on the cleaning, sealing and after care of Block Paved driveways
Fast Acting Xtreme 60 - Cleaning drives, patios and roof without pressure washing

How To Guides

How to Clean, Seal and Maintain your Natural Stone and Sandstone Patio
How to clean, repair, re-colour and apply sealer to Patterned Imprinted Concrete
How to clean, maintain and apply sealer to Block Paving driveways and patios
How to clean, repair and apply Tarmac coating to driveways and car parks
Highly Protective Concrete Sealer & Brick Sealer - Product & Application Guide

Step-By-Step Guides

"Block Magic" Transform Old Block Paving Driveways and Patios
Cleaning Block Paving Driveways, Sealing with Eco-Friendly Block Sealer
Roof Cleaning, Roof Repairs and application of Roof Coating or Roof Paint
Tarmac Repair and Application of Tarmaseal™, Superior to Tarmac Paint
DIY Imprinted Concrete Restoration Guide
Block Paving Cleaning, Patio Cleaning and Sealing of Drives