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Oil Removers

Oil Stain Removers for Concrete & Tarmac

Oil Stain Remover for Concrete & Oil Stain Remover for Tarmac

We supply effective oil stain removers for concrete and tarmac surfaces. If you have an oil spill on concrete, you can use our oil remover for concrete and block paving. If the oil spill is on tarmac, use the oil remover for tarmac. Both oil stain removers can quickly remove most oil stains from a concrete or tarmac driveway.

*Please note, both types of removers cannot be used on synthetic oil stains.

The oil removers are easy to use. Just apply to a damp surface, work into the surface and then cover to allow the oil stain to 'sweat'. This creates the right environment for the active bacteria in the product to start working. The oil stain can then be left for a few days before rinsing off the oil remover with water. Most of the oil should then be removed. Sometimes a second application may be necessary in the case of significant oil contamination.

In most cases 80-90% of the original stain can be removed. It is always likely that a slight residual stain may be present after the oil has been removed. To mask this, use a block paving sealer on block paving or a tarmac restorer on tarmac. Both products should disguise the residual stain and help protect the surface.