Sealers for Waterproofing Brickwork

Cleaning Products for Brickwork & Sealers to Waterproof Brickwork

Smartseal supply brick cleaning products and brick sealers that help with ongoing maintenance of brick walls. We have moss and algae removers that eradicate moss and algae growth which is often a problem on damp brick walls. We also have brick sealers that prevent water ingress on brickwork and help prevent the spread of penetrating damp.

Brickwork is generally very porous and without adequate protection can be vulnerable to the elements. Damp and water ingress are the main problems with porous brick walls. Algae will also grow on damp brick walls and can only add to the problems of damp brickwork.

If efflorescence is present on a brick wall, an efflorescence remover should be used to remove it first before a brick sealer can be applied. A brick sealer can be applied to a brick wall that is clean and dry.

For help and advice on any brick sealers we supply, please call 01 649 9053.

Brick Sealers to Protect against Penetrating Damp on Brick Walls

Penetrating damp on brick walls can be a big problem for many homeowners in Ireland. Once damp gets into a property its not easy to fix and can be expensive. Damp prevention is always the best option and using a good quality brick sealer should help with this.

Brick cleaning products should be used prior to applying a brick sealer. Efflorescence remover will get rid of efflorescence that may inhibit the penetration of a brick sealer. Moss removers can be used to remove any moss or green algae that may grow on damp brick walls.

If you are looking to prevent penetrating damp on brickwork, our brick sealers make brickwork water resistant. The brick sealers create a barrier to water penetration on brick walls and stop any damp appearing.