Patio Cleaner

Best Patio Cleaner for Concrete & Natural Stone Patios

Patio Cleaner & Patio Black Spot Remover for Concrete & Natural Stone

Our patio cleaner is very versatile and can be used on a wide variety of patio surfaces. If you are looking for the best patio cleaner and patio black spot remover you are in the right place.

Cleaning patio slabs can be difficult if you do not have the right patio cleaner that actually does what it says. Removing moss, algae and lichen from patio slabs can also be hard work if you are not using the best patio cleaner available. Cleaning sandstone in particular can be challenging as the porous surface will quickly attract black lichen and other types of algae. Patio Clean Xtreme is not only an effective sandstone cleaner it will also clean black spot off of concrete, block paving and other forms of natural stone.

Cleaning patio slabs is easy with this powerful patio cleaning product. Clean cobble lock patios with ease using Patio Clean Xtreme. You may need to apply twice now and again for really dirty patios. However, in most cases one application of patio cleaner will suffice.

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Cleaning Paving Slabs & Cleaning Patio Slabs on Concrete & Natural Stone

If you would like to buy patio cleaner to remove dirt and algae fast from concrete and natural stone patios we can help. We have the best patio cleaning products for most types of patios. Concrete paving slabs can be cleaned with ease using Patio Clean Xtreme. The same applies to cleaning patio slabs made from sandstone, limestone, slate, travertine & granite.

Our most frequently requested cleaners for patios are listed below.

Sandstone Patio Cleaner
Limestone Patio Cleaner
Concrete Patio Cleaner
Block Paving Cleaner
Patio Black Spot Remover

Removing black spot from sandstone patios can be very challenging if you do not use the best patio cleaner. Cleaning natural stone patios is also very easy with superior patio cleaning products from Smartseal. Moss, algae, black and white lichen can be removed quickly after one or two applications of these fast acting, powerful patio cleaning products.