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Driveway Cleaners, Patio Cleaners, Deck Cleaners & Roof Cleaners

Cleaning Products for Driveways, Patios, Walls, Decking & Roofs

Smartseal have a range of cleaning products for most external and internal surfaces. These include a driveway cleaner, patio cleaner, deck cleaner, stone cleaner and a roof cleaner. These advanced surface cleaning formulatons can quickly remove dirt and grime from concrete and natural stone. The cleaning products will also remove moss and algae.

Whether you just want a clean exterior surface or want to get your surface as clean as possible as a pre-treatment to accept one of our sealing products, we have a range of cleaners for you to consider.

From the powerful Xtreme range which tackles black spot lichen, algae and ingrained dirt and grime, through to Moss Clear which is excellent if you have green growth such as Moss and Algae to Driveway Cleaner which is a powerful degreaser and helps remove tyre residue, exhaust residue, light oil stains, general pollutants and muck.

These surface cleaning products are suitable for use on Block Paving, Pattern Imprinted Concrete, Natural Stone, and Decking. 

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Patio Cleaner, Driveway Cleaner, Roof Cleaner & Deck Cleaner

If you need your patio cleaned use a powerful patio cleaner such as Patio Clean Xtreme. The fast acting patio cleaner which will quickly remove dirt, lichen and algae from natural stone and concrete patios. The patio cleaner can be applied by watering can or sprayer and can be used on sandstone, limestone, slate & travertine. The patio cleaner is also a very effective patio black spot remover.

For a concrete driveway or a cobble lock driveway it is best to use the driveway cleaner. The driveway cleaner will quickly remove dirt and black spot from concrete driveways. The driveway cleaner can be used as a concrete cleaner or on natural stone driveways.

Roof Clean Xtreme is an effective roof cleaner nd can be used on concrete, slate, terracotta or clay roof tiles. The roof cleaner is also an effective moss remover and can remove algae and lichen as well.

Decking is a surface that quickly attracts the growth of moss and algae and therefore needs regular maintenance. Our deck cleaner can quickly clean decking and ensure it is safe to walk on as it can get slippery.