Concrete Sealer

For Driveways, Patios, Floors and Walls

Concrete Sealer & Concrete Sealant for External & Internal Use

If you need a durable concrete sealer to protect a concrete surface, we have a concrete sealer for many uses. The concrete sealant is used widely in the residential and commercial sector on surfaces such as driveways, patios, floors and walls. The concrete sealant is either a solvent based concrete sealer or solvent free concrete sealer. If you need an eco-friendly concrete sealer it is best to use the solvent free concrete sealer.

A solvent based concrete sealer is used to seal concrete driveways, garages and patios. They provide long-lasting protection from wear and tear, water repellency and increased oil/stain resistance. The solvent based acrylic concrete sealer will darken the surface to give a slight sheen. However this finish will quickly diminish over time, returning to a dry finish.

We supply a concrete floor sealer for garage floors which acts as a concrete sealant and waterproofer for concrete.

Solvent based acrylic concrete sealers should not be used in areas of poor ventilation, because of the fumes they emit during the drying and curing period. Where solvent based sealers cannot be used, we recommend our solvent-free range of concrete sealers which are eco-friendly.

Solvent-free concrete sealers are widely used as they provide lasting protection and are perceived as more eco-friendly than solvent based concrete sealers. We supply a Premium Concrete Sealer with a fluoropolymer base that provides lasting protection against oil and grease stains. Furthermore, our Premium concrete sealer is impregnating, therefore fills the porous voids that exist in concrete, providing protection of over 10 years. We also stock a solvent-free dustproofer for concrete, this product is widely used for sealing garage floors and other concrete floors internally. The application of our concrete sealers is by brush, roller or sprayer.

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Best Concrete Sealer & Solvent Free Concrete Dustproofer 

Any concrete sealer we supply can be used to protect all types of concrete surfaces, against general wear and tear.

The concrete dustproofer is used where dusting from concrete floors becomes an issue, which is very common in garages and other internal concreted areas. Application of our Concrete sealers is simple, they are easily applied by brush, roller or sprayer. Once applied, they will slow down the deterioration of concrete surfaces, due to excess weathering and help prevent the formation of concrete dust.

Concrete sealers for floors and garage floor sealers are some of our most frequently requested sealers. Sealing porous concrete floors and walls is important to prevent water ingress and the spread of penetrating damp and potential health hazards from mould and algae growth. Our premium concrete sealer is the most widely used for internal concrete areas, as it is non-solvent and extremely hard wearing. It complied with the current REACH regulations, meaning it is safe to use around agriculture, food and animals.

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