Products for Cleaning & Sealing Block Paving, Tarmac & Concrete Driveways

Driveway Cleaning Products for Concrete, Tarmac & Natural Stone

Smartseal provide premium driveway solutions, in the form of cleaning products, sealing products and repair products. Our high-quality range of restoration products are suitable for Imprinted Concrete, Block Paving, Tarmac/Asphalt, Concrete and the increasingly popular Natural Stone.

Our sealers are all manufactured to BS5750/ISO9001 standards, just to ensure you receive the highest quality products, consistently. Whether you're a contractor, commercial client or homeowner, we aim to satisfy your wants and needs in any way we can.

Each product has the relevant material safety data sheets (MSDS) and application guides to ensure you have all the right information at your disposal.

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Cleaning Products for Cobblelock & Concrete Driveways. Sealers for Concrete & Block Paved Driveways 

Powerful cleaners and protective sealers for Imprinted Concrete, Block Paving, Tarmac, Asphalt, Natural Stone and Concrete. We have the best cleaning products for cobblelock driveways. We also have sealers for cobblelock drives to protect the surface for years to come.

A major issue caused by the damp climate in Ireland, is driveway surface porosity increasing. A porous driveway retains moisture and facilitates further wear, erosion and deterioration. Furthermore, the moisture that is retained encourages the additional growth of moss, algae, lichens and other types of organic growth. Therefore, it is imperative that you seal your driveway if you have a problem with these types of organic growth, or the issue could easily get worse over time.

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