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Tarmac Restorer

For use on Tarmacadam and Bitmac

Tarmac Restorer and Paint For Driveways and Commercial Areas

Smartseal Ireland supply a great range of high quality tarmac restorers to help rejuvenate the look and colour of old tarmac surfaces.

Tarmac or bitmac as it is often called will lose colour over time and eventually break up if not looked after. We can help prolong the lifespan of tarmac or bitmac driveways and other tarmac surfaces by applying a hard wearing acrylic coating to the surface.

You can make a tarmac driveway look like new with our tarmac restorer. Its advisable to fill small cracks and holes and carry out any other repairs prior to coating. Once the tarmac repairs have been carried out, apply two coats of tarmac restorer to make the surface look something like it did when first laid. Its a much more cost effective alternative than having the tarmac driveway re-laid.


Tarmac paint for tarmac and bitmac driveways is now available from Smartseal Ireland.

Bitmac and tarmacadam are widely used across Ireland to lay driveways. This does not take into account the large amount of tarmacadam used to lay car parks, tennis courts and school playgrounds.

All of these tarmac surfaces will deteriorate over time and a little bit of maintenance can help to keep the tarmacadam looking good. Colour loss from excessive exposure to UV light from direct sunlight is a big problem. This will also dry out the tarmacadam and cracks and holes will often appear when this takes place.

Our tarmacadam restorer often referred to as a tarmac paint is widely used to restore driveways and other tarmac surfaces to make them look like new. The tarmac restorer does much more than a tarmac paint as it restores lost resins and absorbs into the surface to increase its lifespan. We also supply all the repair materials to make tarmac look like it was when first laid.