Block Paving

Patio Sealers for Brick Paving & Cobblelock Patios

Patio Sealers for Block Paving & Cobblelock Patio Sealers

Block paving or brick paving as it is more often called can look great on a patio at first. However, over time brick paving on a patio is prone to weed growth and can look quite unitdy shortly after being laid. This often means patios laid with brick paving need regular maintenance if they are not sealed.

Applying a block paved patio sealer can help protect cobblelock patios and help prevent weed growth. Brick paved patio sealers are formulated to solidify jointing sand which helps to inhibit weed growth on brick paved patios.

Cobblelock patio sealers are availble im matt or silk (wet look) and can help to keep brick paving looking like new. They are available as solvent based patio sealers or eco friendly patio sealers. Once applied the solvent based acrylic patio sealers will harden the sand in the joints of the brick paving. The solvent free eco-friendly patio sealers will also harden the jointing sand on brick paved patios. However, they have a shorter lifespan than the solvent based sealers for patios.

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Sealers for Brick Paved Patios & Sealers for Cobblelock Patios

We supply sealers for block paved patios that can help protect the surface of the patio. Applying a cobblelock patio sealer is essential to prevent weed growth on brick paving.

Patio sealers for brick paving will make the surface of the block paved patio water resistant. The patio sealer for block paving also acts as a weed inhibitor by solidifying the jointing sand which stop weed growth in the joints.

All patio sealers for brick paved patios should be used in conjunction with a good patio cleaner. We recommend using patio clean xtreme as it quickly cleans ingrained dirt and grime from block paved patios. Once the patio has been thoroughly cleaned and left to dry, it can then be sealed with any one of the sealers for brick paved patios. If the cobblelock patio is sealed it will help to cut down significantly on ongoing maintenance of the brick paving.