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Moss Remover for Tarmac, Concrete, Masonry & Decking

Moss Killer for Roofs. Moss Remover for Driveways, Patios & Roofs

We supply a moss killer and moss removers to kill moss, algae and lichens. A moss killer can be used to remove moss on patios, driveways and roofs. Moss Clear and Moss Clear Pro are fast-acting fungicides and moss removers. Can be used as a moss killer for tarmac, patio moss killer and moss killer for roofs.

Both of these moss killing products are very easy to use and will kill and remove moss quite quickly. Simply dilute with water and apply with either a watering can or sprayer and just leave to take effect. The moss will start to go brown after a few days and die off. Over a period of 4-6 weeks the moss will die off and fall off naturally.

If you need moss removed quickly, use any of our Xtreme range of our fast acting moss removers. The powerful moss killers will also remove patio black spot, lichen and ingrained dirt as well as moss. It is often used as a moss remover for decking as well.

All moss killers are available in handy 5 litre or economical 25 litre sizes.

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Moss Killer for Tarmac, Roof Moss Killer & Patio Moss Remover

A moss killer can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as driveways, patios and roofs. The moss killer will kill moss on roofs and help to prevent any regrowth. As a patio moss remover it can remove moss from sandstone, limestone, concrete and other porous patio surfaces.

Products for removing moss on tarmac should be used when tarmac surfaces start to show signs of green growth such as moss or algae.

Moss can also make wooden decking quite slippery, which can be dangerous to walk on. The moss killer for decking can be sprayed on a few times each year to remove moss and stop the moss from growing back.

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