Moss Clear PRO - A Professional Grade Moss Remover for Roofs, Patios & Driveways

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Product worked very well on the paved area even in slightly damp conditions. Will definitely use it in the future

By Andrius Ignatavicius

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Frequently Asked Questions


Best Moss Killer for Roofs, Drives, Paths and Patios

Kills moss, green algae and lichen FAST

Moss Clear Pro is a fast acting moss remover that will quickly kill and remove moss from most external surfaces. The strong moss killer is effective at killing moss on roof tiles which otherwise would be hard to remove.

Regarded as the best moss killer for roofs, it quickly kills moss that may have been growing for years on roof tiles. The strong moss killer is easy to apply and starts to work soon after application.

Moss Clear Pro can be used on most external hard surfaces where moss and algae problems exist. Moss Clear Pro will kill moss on patios fast as it it a powerful moss remover for patios, paths. Moss Clear Pro can also be used to kill and remove moss and algae on decking.




  • Ensure moss is dry and apply by sprayer or watering can in temps between 8-20° degrees
  • Do not spray if rain is expected within 24hrs of application
  • Application ratios 1:10 or 1:5 for areas of heavy contamination
  • Once surface is clear of moss, can be used as a preventative. Use at approx 1:20 ratio applying once or twice yearly
  • Coverage of 100mē can be expected from 5 litres, when diluted 1:5

Wear protective clothing and goggles at all times. Mix thoroughly and shake before opening then dilute and re mix. If heavy/ carpet of moss is present, agitate moss with the growth before treating to help moss remover penetrate into roots. Apply to total saturation to enable full penetration into the stem structure. If required, a second treatment will help kill extremely resistant moss infestations. Once surface is fully clear of moss, re-application once or twice a year in a diluted form will prevent further regrowth.

Suitable for use throughout the year TO KILL moss and protect against further GROWTH - Once dry, SAFE FOR wildlife, pets and children.


Technical Date sheets and application information available upon request.

Step-by-Step Video Guide