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Patio Clean Xtreme - All Purpose Patio Cleaner

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Customer Reviews

Excellent cleaner. Sandstone came up like new !

By Pat Rowan

Delivered within 48 hours of notice of dispatch and cleaned the sandstone slabs within 10 minutes of application. You couldn't ask for more.

By George Henry From Athlone

Excellent product. Did exactly what I wanted from it. Removed Algae. Black spot weeds on my cobblestone effortlessly. Would recommend this product to anyone

By Derek Salmon

I had read other reviews saying they noticed the product working almost immediately and I didnít believe it, until I saw that with my own eyes. A great product thatís rejuvenated my natural stone paving

By Craig Peterson

Brilliant product

By Tomas Statkevicius

Worked very well without any scrubbing. Power washed first, but patio was still 'grubby'. Applied cleaner next day and slabs became 'original' clean while I watched.

By James White

Worked very well without any scrubbing. Power washed first, but patio was still 'grubby'. Applied cleaner next day and slabs became 'original' clean while I watched.

By James White

First class cleaning product. Eradicated long standing black spots on my patio pavers leaving them looking like new. Easy to apply but note to follow carefully the application instructions.No need for high pressure washing.

By Elwyn Morris From Wales

This is a very good Cleaner, Shorten the time of cleaning my slabs and bring my slabs looks like new.

By James Lai
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Sandstone Patio Cleaner & Brick Patio Cleaner

An effective natural stone patio cleaner that quickly removes dirt, algae and lichen.

Patio Clean Xtreme is a powerful patio cleaner that will transform all types of patio, including natural stone, flagstones, block paving and crazy paving. Its the easy way to clean your patio without intensive pressure washing. It is effective not just as a sandstone patio cleaner but also a brick patio cleaner.


  • Black and White Spot
  • Dirt
  • Algae and Lichens
  • Moss

For areas of stubborn dirt and intense organic growth dilute 1:1 and apply to a wet surface. For best results work the patio cleaner into surface gently with a broom, keeping the surface damp and rinse off after approx 1 hour.

Apply by watering can or sprayer, most patios will be clean after one treatment, if required, re apply or leave product on surface for longer. If applied as advised, 5 litres of product generally cleans a  40 m2 Patio. If product runs off onto areas of vegetation, keep rinsing down with water. Avoid contact with skin and wear appropriate safety wear at all times. Refer to technical page for additional information.


How to Apply

Remove loose debris and if  heavy moss is present, pretreat this area a few days before. Make surface wet and then dilute PatioClean Xtreme at ratio of 1:1. Apply to surface, and agitate, after approx 60 minutes rinse off or for areas of heavy contamination, leave for longer.

Keep patio damp throughout period when product is on surface, as Patio Clean Xtreme is inactive once dry. Normally only one application is required, but if acute black or white spot algae remains, re apply.

Health & Safety

Patio Clean Xtreme contains chlorine which will stain fabrics and other materials. Toxic to vegetation and aquatic life, wear mask, gloves and goggles at all times. Avoid contact with skin and eyes, Patio Xtreme60 can cause skin burns. Keep out of the reach of children. See data sheets for more details.