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Tarmac Restorer - BLACK (Sample, 5 & 20 L) High quality Tarmac sealer replaces lost resin & colour; easy to apply

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Customer Reviews

Good product..

By Bobby OBrien From Ireland

Driveway looks great, I would highly recommend the product and the company.

By Frank Smith

Great quality product, driveway now looks new again.

By Niall Doran

Very happy with service 10 out of 10 delivery service excellent product very good it does exactly wat it said on the tin I will order more products

By Anthony Hickey

great product drive looks brand new.

By Suzanne r

Great stuff much better than the brands in DiY stores. Went on much faster and it's a lot thicker After one coat it looks like new

By John O Galligan From Dublin Ireland

Excellent product. I applied this two years ago. Initially it made a dramatic difference and looked great. I used the roller kit but found it failed partway through and I resorted to a brush which worked fine. After two years the driveway still looks good, it has faded a bit, especially at the points of high wear but is still looking far better than it did before I started. It has required cleaning each year but that is to be expected with the use it gets. Overall, great product that does improve the look of your driveway and lasts.

By Aly Cameron From Aberdeenshire

Took a long time before I made my decision to buy Smartseal, I wasn't disappointed its vey good. Everywhere looks imaculate. I used 10 x 20 litres to cover a large area well worth the cost.

By S Mc Namee From Pwllheli Wales

Very pleased with this - did a great job. Would recommend it. Had a lot of compliments from neighbours who think I have had a new drive laid. Plus it was easy for me to do myself so no pricey tradesmen!

By Mick From Kent

Very pleased with the finish that has been achieve with this product on both the block paving and my Tarmac. Preparation is key, I found the video was a great help.

By Morris Cosh From Telford

The product is very good and extremely easy to apply, brushing for the edges and roller kit for the main body of the drive. Gives a much improved appearance and has been complemented by a neighbour. The staff are extremely helpful. Product and staff are excellent (5 stars).


I first purchased the trial bottle of black Tarmaseal and was impressed after application in different areas, I then purchased sufficient to allow for two coats of my driveway plus front and back walkways, the service was first class with delivery made one day after ordering. All neighbours and passersby have commented on the impressive result ,many thought the driveway had been relaid with tarmac, very impressed and would highly recommend ,very easy to apply. 5 star rating.

By Gren Gadsby From derby

Excellent product the drive i used it on was 130 sq meters and came out excellent after 2 coats.

By Simon Caine From Stoke-on-Trent

Excellent product. Applied two coats and driveway looks excellent. First coat takes quite a lot of effort to get the product into all the gaps between the aggregate, but second coats goes down much more easily to give brilliant finish. Couple of friends thought drive had been re tarmaced. Would certainly recommend

By Simon From Kendal

I'd endorse the comments of other reviewers, my drive was in a poor state with the surface loose and cracked which required considerable preparation to remove the loose particles. Two coats were necessary on the majority of the drive but a newer area required only one. However, several days after application, on areas where rainwater puddled' subsequent brushing (to remove the puddles) resulted in the sealant coming off. This may be due to the sealant not having 'cured' fully, the weather wasn't particularly good. A further coating on these areas restored the finish, and so far, things are still looking good!

By Sinclair Rogerson From Wellington Somerset

By Brian Cullin From Loughborough

Excellent product. Applying two coats brings the driveway looking brand new.

By Panni From Harlow

This is a quality product. I did brush most of it on, as the roller did not get the seal into the drive base. I also used more than was recommended , but the final effect was good. I still highly recommend it, despite the price.

By Anthony lawrance From Wolverhampton

This is 2nd purchase and have given my driveway a 3rd coat of Tarmaseal. Very pleased with result. Highly recommend. Only reason for third covering was oil leak from sons vehicle

By Mr A Southall From Solihull West Midlands

brilliant stuff old defientley buy again made my driveway like it had just been done.

By Alastair Mckeown From Northern Ireland

I was preparing my house to put on the market and my tired drive has been transformed with the Tarmac Restorer, had read some negative reviews and can happily dismiss them, I am not easily pleased but I am very much so, can highly recommend.

By Dave From Stokesley

I was preparing my house to put on the market and my tired drive has been transformed with the Tarmac Restorer, had read some negative reviews and can happily dismiss them, I am not easily pleased but I am very much so, can highly recommend.

By Dave From Stokesley

Superb product! I decided to buy 20L of black Tarmaseal to treat my tired drive after reading good reviews on this site and others. The goods arrived in a couple of days after good communication from Smartseal. After filling holes and gaps with cold lay tarmac, I coated the surface using the 12in roller (also purchased from Smartseal) and a brush for the edges. Tarmaseal goes on easily, covers well and dries quickly. I allowed the suggested 2 hours between coats but it was dry sooner. I took my time to ensure an even coverage but my four car drive was done in a day. Cleaning up is easy too as it's water-based. The final look is excellent. It has been the subject of lots of complimentary remarks during and after the work and two neighbours have ordered Tarmaseal for their drives. Great job Smartseal!

By Chris Greenhill From Harlow

Very pleased so far. Has transformed the appearance of our drive. Providing it stands the test of time, I would give this 5 stars. Arrived quickly after ordering, only complaint would be with a rather miserable delivery man who considered it an imposition when my wife asked him to leave it round the side of our house.

By Bunnio From West Yorkshire

Purchased 20lt drum on Friday 5th September 14 arrived Monday 8th November 14 Prepared Drive which was showing signs of wear. Applied 2 coats of Smartseal and can say from 1st impressions very pleased with result. I used ALL 20 Ltrs. Drive looks brand new. Will purchase further 5 Ltrs to apply further coat when needed Highly recommend this product.

By Mr A Southall From Solihull, West Midlands

Excellent product, highly recommended. Used this for my driveway. 5 stars !

By Kiran From Croxley Green

Pressure washed my 5 year old drive, when bone dry, blasted all the dust & debris away with the leaf blower Took a 4" paint brush and did one thick coat around the edges and any areas that the roller may not have got into,,which was the case Used the roller and much elbo grease, did one coat, looked great, did another coat next day to finish the job. Left for 48 hours looks like a new Tarmac drive. Put cars back on , and did note tyes marks/lifting of coats almost straight away, as per FAQ Following weekend , gentle wash down to remove the bird poo and a sweep over with a broom. Did another entire coat and thus re-covered tire marks. Time will tell how just how long this newness lasts, suspect, if like me you like the new look, you'll be doing this yearly, as cars coming on and off, I suspect will soon show. Now you have done it,, you'll have to keep it up. Highly reccomend the roller kit, Clean roller and brushes easily with water, meaning this is a water based product, bear that in mind too

By Brett McGrouder From Cambrirdge

My drive is 84 sq. mts. & was in not to good condition. I repaired the edges that had sunk and several pounding areas before applying Smat Seal. What a difference, it looks better than I expected. People passing stopped and commented on the finish as I was applying the coat saying it looked good. That says it all. Thank you for a good service and a good product.

By Dave From Hull

By Barry Martin From Burton on Trent

My tarmac drive looked very sad having not been touched for 6 years with 3 or 4 cars regularly parked. One coat of smartseal made a huge difference. Putting on two coats for extra durability. Now looks great. People think we have had it re-tarmaced. Expensive but worth every penny

By peter wood From Kingston upon Thames

I would just like to show my appreciation for your product. I came home one day to find the electricity company had dug a massive hole in my drive. They did repair the hole with new tarmac and as a result my drive was an eye sore. I did a lot of research and found that your product was the best and after talking to one of your colleagues I purchased the 20 litre drum. It took me over 25 hours from start to finish but I think you will agree the results were definitely worth the hard work and expense. Please peruse the pictures and again thank you Mike, Hull

By Mike McDonald From Hull

Blown away by the results! Have received a number of compliments/inquiries about the product and have made the appropriate recommendations. An outstanding product and excellent service.

By Baz From Aldershot

This coating gives superb results, and has made my 18 year old drive look like new again. It may seem expensive but the quality and service are excellent and well worth the cost, your order usually arrives by next day courier delivery. I would not hesitate to recommend this product and company to anyone.

By Colin From Merseyside

Very good product, looks fantastic, easy to apply and has impressed the neighbours! My son is doing his drive next year, after seeing mine. Customer services very helpful and friendly.

By Tony From Manchester

An excellent product. Transformed my 40 year old tarmac driveway. It really does look like re-laid tarmac. I would not hesitate to recommend it.

By S Hallsworth From Nr Chester

Brilliant6. A product that actually does what is says on the tin! Everybody has commented what a difference it has made and that it looks as though we have had it tarmacked. Would definitely recommend this product

By Kenneth Allen From Bristol

One coat of Tarmaseal has been applied to my drive and it looks great. However, where it has been applied by hand with a brush around the edges it has dried with a sheen leaving the roller applied coating drying flat. Two coats Re obviously necessary so now I am waiting for a fine day to apply second coat which I'm sure will look great.

By Julie Davies From Compton

Just bought 20 ltrs of this Tarmaseal Tarmac Repair product as must say what an excellent product it is especially as I have previously used the Thomson Tarmac Repair paint. I also purchased the roller kit, although I think that is over priced. It went on like a dream, very easy and fast and looks fantastic. The only down side is that I only needed to use half of the 20 ltrs to do two coats on my driveway which is 6x9 mtrs so I guess I will have some to do next year.

By Martin White From Rainham

A brilliant product, and this came with excellent service as well. My drive looks 100% better. I would recommend this product to anyone.

By Ralph From Telford

2nd puchase. Drive was borderline replacement condition but the restorer did a fantastic job in binding and renewing it last year. Decided to top up again this year to build strength further. looks as new when covered but top of chippings wear off quickly leaving a speckled look which was not a surprise due to poor start condition. very pleased - just wish I'd done it many years ago.

By Adrain From West Yorks


By Kevin Farmer From Staffordshire

Tarmaseal is the best product on the market in my opinion. I did a lot of research before using this product. It is incredibly easy to apply to Tarmac with brush/roller. I had been let down by an installation company previously so decided to do the job myself and would like to thank Smartseal and Nigel personally for his expert advice and brilliant customer service. Many Thanks.

By Brian S, Northwich, Cheshire From Domestic Customer

On the 1st coat on a very rough surface, 45 sq m needed 30L. On the 2nd coat, 45 sq m needed 20L. Very easy to apply with the supplied roller and dries quickly. This is a first-class product and made a superb job of restoring the surface of my driveway.

By John From Cheshire

Straightforward easy ordering and payment process via Internet with delivery of the 2 x 20litres of Tarmaseal Tarmac restorer in three days. Excellent, easy to apply water based product that covered my 70 sqm drive comfortably with absolutely amazing results. My drive is now transformed to like new and has drawn some extremely complimentary comments from my neighbours. As with most jobs, the secret is not just in the product but in the preparation. I spent a long time ensuring the Tarmac was clear of all moss and vegetation with meticulous brushing to remove the small loose stones. The Tarmac looked excellent, other than the colour, before the restorer was applied but absolutely superb after two coats. I applied the restorer on a very warm Saturday, the day before Andy Murray won Wimbledon. It dried within 30 minutes and as soon as one coat was completed the second was applied with whole job comfortably completed within 6 hours. I left the drive to harden before for about 6 hours before driving my car over it and into the garage without the surface showing any marks. I am absolutely delighted with the result and the overall transaction and would have no hesitation in recommending this superb product.

By Roy From Wigton, Cumbria

We were very impressed with the product and the service, and extremely impressed that the enclosed letter had actually been signed by a real person, using a real pen. We feel this showed a true professionalism from your Company.

By Rachael Brookes From Blackburn

First class, the only bad part was the preparation, but then it always is. Excellent product, drive looks great. I would recommend erring on the generous side for coverage as the finish will be better if applied in one go. I didn't and there is a slight difference between coats two days apart.

By David From Northumberland

Wow amazing product and well worth the money. Just like its been retarred.

By Graeme noble From Inverallochy

Wow, very impressed. Large driveway approximately 11 years old. Power washed. Took about 2 hours to apply the sealant. It looks like new! Don't be put off with the price. This is a quality product! I recommend buying the roller kit too! So easily applied.

By Graeme From Scotland

Excellent customer service in connection with initial enquiries. Speedy and faultless delivery arrangements. Applied to a relatively small, 20sqm, drive entrance. Dramatic improvement after two coats but now wait to see if this is sustained, hence 4 not 5 stars. Many thanks.

By David Evans

Recently completed a car park project using Tarmac Restorer, we were able to complete the job to our clients complete satisfaction and found that the product was of excellent quality and went a long way.

By Steve G From New Clean Specialist

I have used this company and products several times now and have always been happy with the service and performance. My customers have been very impressed with the finish of Tarmac Restorer in black and I would not hesitate in reccomending this to anyone.

By Geoff Lowry From Properly Maintained Ltd

Excellent service. Recommended quantity for 120sq metre drive covered it 3 times and still approx 5 litres spare.

By Cecil Mitchell From Shandon Nr Helensburgh

After the bad weather eventually applied this product. The results have been amazing, from a tired drive to a drive that looks better than the original tarmac. Comments and questions from the neighbours on where can I get this Quality Product have been passed on. Service and Product are second to none. Well done!

By Derek Worthington From Morecambe, Lancashire

Very impressed with the product and also very pleased with the service i was given by smartseal 10/10

By Gareth From Bevan

Hi, Great product and very good service!

By Roger Brady From Tansley, Derbyshire

Absolutely delighted with this product. A section of my tarmac driveway was covered in paint, concrete and other unsightly marks, however one coat of Smartseal has made an enormous difference and I think a 2nd coat would make it look as new. Delighted and would certainly recommend.

By Derek Mateer From Glasgow

This was the 1st time i have used this product, i dont know who was impressed the most me or the client, would recomend it again, amazing results

By Kieran From Kilo Driveways

I've used this product on a number of occasions, and without exception the results have been excellent. More importantly, my customers have been delighted with the transformation in their tarmac drives. Would have no hesitation in recommending both the Sealer/Restorer, and the advice and professionalism of Smartseal themselves.

By Aidan Trimble - NEKP Restoration From Hartlepool

The entire ordering process was excellent. We even received a call after our order advising we may need a tint as we chose the red colour and they had reports it was too bright. They included this FOC. Also, they advised on a different crack repair, and even though it was a greater cost, since they had processed the order they did not charge the difference. Now the product. We just recently were able to use it due to the weather and we've had people stop and ask about it and admire it as they walk by. WE LOVE IT. The directions were easy to follow and our only setback was rain that appeared when part wasn't dry but we had enough for another coat. We would recommend this highly.

By Mr & Mrs Kelly From Cheshire

The product was exelent to work with and easy to apply with the roller that was supplied,if I were to say anything negative it would be after the first coat the drive was pretty patchy but after the second coat all was well.

By gordon sneddon From scotland

Good product, easily worked, great consistancy between tubs, great result.

By Paul Fawcett From Coopers Technology College Chislehurst

great stuff to use although i had to give my path 3 coates because the tarmac was not smooth but the final finish was great the neighbours are very impressed comments like have you had a new path done well pleased would recommend to anyone

By alan From willaston cheshire

This product was purchased after much research on the net, and it was delivered prompltly. On stiring/mixing the product correctly I applied virtually two coats of the black tarmac seal to my drive, but needed to use very little from the 2nd 20 litre tub, this dried a different shade, the drive being matt and 1/10 a finish gloss like. A complaint the next day required a photo E mailing to prove the problem, and after several calls, a manager I presume sent out two new 20 l tubs and a new roller/tray free the next day. I needed to do a third coat, as the 1st tub being very matt black was clearly wrong, but the finish is now superb. I hope that was a glitch in what overall is a very good product. Product 5 star, Overall 4 star as some of the questions on the phone made me feel as if I was trying to blag more sealant, when clearly not. Mr K Goodman.

By K Goodman From Stoke on Trent

A fantastic high-end product. We will continue to use this product on the tarmac driveways of our customers for years to come. The driveways we renovate for our customers are the envy of their neighbours thanks to this great product. It is easy to apply and does provide that 'just laid' finish. It is worth the cost without doubt!

By Steve Williams From S. K. Williams Property Cleaning Services

Hi This is the best product i have ever bought. It is absolutely brilliant, after reading the instructions from smart seal i proceeded to do it with my colleague and the results are excellent. I just wish i had taken pictures before i started. Thank You very much. Ann

By ann mooney From leyland

The sealant was delivered within a few days of ordering ,my drive has been down 6 years was in good condition but badly stained and showing signs of wear,a total of about 7 hours and two coats of sealant my drive now looks as good as the day it was layed , actualy it looks better even my neighbours have commented how good it looks, I am so pleased and would recommend to any one , actually I already have at least half a dozen times already . This sealant gets a five star rating from me .

By Paul hinde From Redditch

does what it says on tin. service, advice and delivery top rate

By steve ewing From clevedon golf club

Very impressed with product, didn't expect such good results. Easy to apply and delivery of product was very quick. If your old tarmac driveway is in reasonable condition and you would like to give it that "freshly laid tarmac look" without the newly laid tarmac price tag, then this product is for you.

By Craig Bartram From Nottingham

Very impressed with product, didn't expect such good results. Easy to apply and delivery of product was very quick. If your old tarmac driveway is in reasonable condition and you would like to give it that "freshly laid tarmac look" without the newly laid tarmac price tag, then this product is for you.

By Craig From Nottm

wasn't sure whether or not it was going to look right as I was applying it , but end result was BRILLIANT!!

By David Billau From Darlington

Great product, drive looks great...and best of all top class service, would recommend :)

By Sandy gwynn From Maidenhead

Firstly, service received. This was excellent. I placed two orders the first was for 2 x 20litres of SmartSeal, fungicide, and repair compound. The delivery was made within 2 days. I had one issue, the fungicide container was leaking. I phoned SmartSeal and they refunded the money for the fungicide without quibble. My second order was for 2 x 20litres SmartSeal. This was delivered next day. Drive is approximately 80sq.m and was looking as if it had seen better days. The colour had faded and there were alot of small stones trailing into the house. I put the first coat on the drive with the roller bought from SmartSeal. Certain areas were rougher than others and here I found it best to use a brush. The second coat was much easier to put on as the SmarSeal had obviously sealed the drive, and therefore the second coat took a little less than the first coat. The drive now looks like new! Colour is fully restored and the sealant has done its job. There are no more stones traing into the house. An excellent product that has totally restored the drive. The biggest challenge has been the UK weather! getting a dry day to apply the product.

By Mike Wright From Cheshire

After looking on the internet and checking various alternatives I ordered 3 x 20L of Smartseal tarmac restorer and some crack repair compound. . The area I wanted to restore was 120msq. After a jet wash of the existing surface and filling of some minor cracks with the quick dry filler i was ready to begin. The material was very easy to apply and covered very quickly, I found that the material dried in under 1 hour. The 120 m sq job took about 6 hours to complete single handed and the result was amazing, the drive was completely transformed and I am delighted with the result. Several of my neighbours have commented on the difference the coating has made and I would have no hesitation in fully recommending and endorsing Smartseal to anyone thinking of using it.

By melvyn bowler From mansfield

This Product is Brilliant !!!. It completely transformed the look of my Driveway at a fraction of the price of having a new Tarmac Driveway laid. Will recomend this to all my neighbours.

By Darren From Colchester
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Questions & Answers


Tarmac Restorer for Driveways and Commercial Surfaces

Restores and rejuvenates old tarmac driveways

Tarmaseal is a water based acrylic coating that will quickly transform the look of old tarmac surfaces. A black tarmac restorer with superior performance than a cheap tarmac paint. The black tarmac restorer can be used with other tarmac repair products to restore the oroginal look of tarmac driveways.

Tarmaseal is also suitable for the restoration of tarmac on tennis courts, car parks and other commercial surfaces.

Tarmac, bitmac or tarmacadam to give it is proper name is widely used across Ireland for driveways and various commercial surfaces. It is quick and easy to lay and less expensive than block paving or imprinted concrete. It is also quite durable but, over time, general weathering will start to affect the durability of the surface and direct sunlight will cause the black to fade to grey.

Our black tarmac restorer is quick and easy to apply and will totally transform the look of older tarmac surfaces, making them look like new. Tarmaseal tarmac restorer should not be confused with a tarmac paint that can quickly wear off the surface after application. Tarmaseal can help save you thousands of pounds as it is a cost effective alternative to having a tarmac driveway relayed. To see more about the product, please take a look at our dedicated Tarmac restorer website.

Step-by-Step Video Guide

  • Will improve the look of any existing tarmac driveway
  • Puts back any lost resins into the surface
  • Superior coating to bitumen based tarmac paint
  • Easy application by roller
  • Makes old tarmac look like new
  • Saves money by stopping expensive replacement of asphalt 
  • Can be used with other tarmac repair products
  • Helps to maintain the original colour of the Tarmac
  • Easily covers and 'disguises' unsightly cement marks and stains
  • Water based Tarmac Repair coating, environmentally friendly easy to apply product 
  • 20 litre drum, average coverage 40-60 sq metresTop up coats Of Tarmac sealer can be applied at any time
  • Reduces Tarmac stone loss and increases the life span of the Tarmac driveway's
  • Waterproofs, re-colours and protects Tarmac
  • Resists oil, grease and dirt stains
  • Resists fungicidal and algae growth

Tarmaseal is a black tarmac restorer is supplied in 5 or 20 litre drums with an average coverage between 40-60 sq metres per 20 litre drum



Ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned with a pressure washer or jet washer. Allow a minimum of 3-4 clear, dry days before sealing. Before coating, sweep area and remove any loose stones. Make sure product is thoroughly mixed with no sediment present.


For best results apply 2 coats in temperatures above 12C. Only apply if no rain is forecast for at least 6 hours. Tarmaseal can be applied via a medium pile roller or large paint brush. Make sure a minimum of 2-4 hours is left between coats.

Health & Safety 

All work should be carried out with safety goggles, mask and gloves.