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Oil Remover for Tarmac & Asphalt (5 litre)

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This is a good product that works on tarmac, but it does take a fair bit of effort to get embedded oil out of the tarmac and away from the driveway. I applied Smartseal and left it on the oil patches for 48 hours. Then the solution was washed away with a pressure washer (with a neighbour's help!). Then I left it alone for another 48 hours. There were smudges still visible, so I applied some mild suds to finally wash those away. These were remaining marks, not oil stains as such. The oil patches that were treated have gone. Worth the effort!

By Chris S From Ely

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Oil Stain Remover for Tarmac and Asphalt Driveways

A fast acting oil remover to remove oil stains on Tarmac and Asphalt surfaces.

The oil remover effectively 'biodegrades' oil stains and other petrochemical contaminants without damaging the surface of tarmac or asphalt. A water based oil remover that is eco-friendly and highly effective.


Simply and easy application that will swiftly degrade and facilitate easy removal of oil and grease stains on tarmac and asphalt

Specially formulated with live and active bacteria plus eco-friendly biodegradable surfactants.

  • Fully biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly


German UBA (3406-0027) − Environmentally friendly chemical formulation.


Prior to use, to ensure bacteria are active, shake container
Make sure area to treat is 'wetted' down with water before application
Apply concentrated solution to the oil stain, gently brush the area and leave for approx 1 hour*

Note: For older oil stains, apply the oil remover and and cover the contaminated area for a 3-5 days. Remove covering and rinse with water to remove and excess residue.
Dispose of any contaminated oil patch waste in accordance with local regulations.
Important note: − Oil stains, if left too long will degrade the surface of tarmac and Asphalt leaving behind a residual stain which cannot be removed. For best results after removal of the oil stain use  Tarmaseal to coat the surface and mask the residual staining on the Tarmac.