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Moss Killer & Algae Remover for Driveways, Patios & Roofs

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Wow what an amazing product!!! I recently had 90m of sandstone pavers laid, I sealed them straight away with Smartseal sealer but to my horror they were going green with 3mths. I tried jet washing them but the green still didnt come off. A call to smartseal customer services for advice ended with them sending me a sample bottle of their Moss Clear product due to the amount of Paver seal I had previously bought. I was not confident it would work as all you have to do is mix the Moss Clear to the desired strength (I used 3 parts water to 1 part moss clear) then pour it over the affected area and let nature take it course. Well even by the next morning the results were evident, now the whole 90m looks like new again, an amazing product that really really does work wonders. Many thanks.

By J ig From West Lothian

Excellent product for killing moss on tarmac drives

By Clive Bramley From Yorkshire

Excellent product for killing moss on tarmac drives

By Clive Bramley From Yorkshire

I always purchase this particular brand/product as I know it actually works effectively,by far the best I have tried.Delivery is prompt also.Personal opinion,itís the best of itís class.

By Andrew McCavish From Wales
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A highly effective moss killer for roofs and other external surfaces. The moss remover once applied will rapidly kill moss on tarmac and concrete. The moss will die off over a few days and can then be easily removed by pressure washing. You can also leave the dead moss to go away naturally over time once the moss killer has been applied.

We are confident that this effective moss remover will enable yoou to kill and remove moss and algae from most external hard surfaces.

The moss remover is highly effective in removing moss from block paving, concrete, tarmac, natural stone, decking and roofs.

Moss Clear is a specially formulated moss killing biocide solution that will quickly kill and remove moss, mould and algae and other forms of organic growth from most external surfaces. Moss Clear aids cleaning off moss and algae without the need for pressure washing.

If using Moss Clear to remove moss on roof tiles there is no risk of damage to the roof as pressure washing is not involved. To stop the re-growth of moss, algae and lichen on roof tiles Moss Clear can be applied to help prevent the likelyhood of moss and algae spores re-forming.

Moss clear is very effective as a moss and mould remover on block paving, tarmac and concrete surfaces.



For best results dilute at a ratio of one part Moss Clear to five parts water. Coverage of approx 100m2 to 120m2 can be obtained from 5 litres of Moss Clear. Easy to apply by sprayer or watering can.

Moss Clear is fully biodegradable and specially formulated without the use of bleach or acid contents. After application and once dry, Moss Clear is a safe, non-hazardous and eco-friendly product.