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Imprinted Concrete Sealer - SILK/WET LOOK (5 or 25 litre)

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I just applied this product last Saturday. The rain has beaded on it and it has a lovely wet looks. Easy to use and spreads well.


changed my black driveway to brown with sealer and brown tint hard work but worth it came up great

By Gillian Whelan From dublin

Excellent product very easy to apply absolutely delighted with finished result, I would definitely recommend this to anyone and smartseal were great to deal with from start to finish many thanks

By P Conlon From Tipperary

Excellent service ordered items on Friday delievered on Monday

By Michael Rawley

Thanks for your help on the phone was going to get printed concrete taken up ,well now after using the silk sealer it's like new I've ordered some sample colour tints just to try in faded places I can't thank you enough will recommend you to all my friends will be in touch thanks again ,James Rooney

By James Rooney From Ireland co Meath

I only covered half the drive with sealer on the first day, the rain overnight just beaded on top of the treated half, but soaked into the untreated half. It really showed how effective the product is. Very happy.

By Paul m From

I only covered half the drive with sealer on the first day, the rain overnight just beaded on top of the treated half, but soaked into the untreated half. It really showed how effective the product is. Very happy.

By Paul m From

Hi,I wanted to leave some feedback after using smartseal products recently.I had a very worn imprinted concrete driveway that had grey vehicle tracks on it. I sent photos of it to Nigel and after a brief call and exchange of emails, he sent me a quote.I'm really happy with the products and the finished result. It took a while to get the timing right with the weather but when I had a dry day that wasn't too warm in mid August, I managed to get it done.As advised, I removed all the loose bristles on the brush and it worked a treat throughout the application of the repair and sealant. I spoke to Nigel a couple of times on the phone and he was really helpful and took the time to talk me through each step.It was good to know that he was available should I have ran into problems at all.As it was, it applied really easily. The mask is a must though as the fumes are quite strong. It's been nearly a month now and the drive looks fantastic.I've had a neighbour ask where they could buy the sealant from and so have now directed them to smartseal.Before and after pictures attached.Please feel free to post the images and my comments on the website, although please don't use my surname.Regards,Chris.

By Chris B From
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Step-by-Step Video Guide

Imprinted Concrete Sealer WET LOOK/SATIN Finish

Best patterned concrete sealer for Driveways and Patios.

Our patterned imprinted concrete sealer in a WET LOOK or 'satin' finish will provide a highly protective barrier for pressed concrete driveways and patios. This will help to slow down surface erosion on a concrete driveway or patio and help it retain the original colour of the surface for longer. The WET LOOK imprinted concrete sealer can transform the look of old imprinted concrete surfaces.

An anti-slip additive can also be added to the sealer if necessary, especially if a driveway or patio is on a slope.

Approximate Coverage
4 to 6m² per litre per coat (dependent on condition)



Make sure the surface of the imprinted concrete driveway or patio is totally dry before applying the sealer. Once the imprinted concrete has been pressure cleaned leave it for 1-3 days for the concrete to completely dry out. Once dry, sweep the surface of the concrete to remove any dust, dirt or other contaminants.

Apply the imprinted concrete sealer with a soft broom. Apply the 1st coat and then leave to dry for 1-2 hours depending on ambient temperature. Once dry or tacky to touch, apply a 2nd coat for long lasting protection to the concrete. Avoid applying the imprinted concrete sealer in direct sunlight or temperatures above 25 degrees centigrade. Do not apply if rain is forecast within 3 hours of application.

We do not recommend putting de-icing salts directly on Smartseal block paving or concrete sealers. Salt chemically reduces the temperature at which water freezes and may result in water penetration into the concrete. Any subsequent freezing could result in the ‘seal’ being broken by the expansion of water once it freezes.


Has been tested by the TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) and certified that it meets the SRV (Skid Resistance Value) for all categories of paving for local authority pedestrian areas and when heavily trafficked is suitable for special applications where risks of skidding are high as laid down in the UK Highway Authorities Tender Specification. Copies available on request.


Flammable liquid. Do not smoke. Keep application area well ventilated. Wear respirator when applying. Store in a cool place. Flash point 42°C (Abel-Closed Cup). Refer to the Health & Safety Data Sheet for further information.
Step-by-Step Video Guide