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Colour Tints for Imprinted Concrete Sealers

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Customer Reviews

very nice colour great product and easy to use

By Gillian Whelan From dublin

I used this dye and sealer to revamp a very tired looking printed concret . To say i am delighed is an understatment it looks as if it was only laid. I poured the sealer in a bucket pored in part of the dye till I got the colour I liked used a sweeping brush to apply. As easy as that very happy indeed

By Jacqueline Travers

Drive was looking patchy and faded, Used a Tint with silk sealant, Used small amounts in a Jar constantly mixing, Hard work, Drive now looks better than new, would definitely use again, Neighbours with same concrete drives asking for Details of product used.Cheers

By Michael Bowdler

follow the advice and test a small area until you get the right blend and then the results are great

By Colin Wanley

I used this as part of a drive refurbishment project. The drive had several areas worn down to the base concrete but careful matching of this during the mix and several small areas for shade testing and we ended up with a great match. The driveway looks great now and I have one very happy client.

By Colin Wanley

Really glad I used two colour tint samples. Brought just enough colour back to a worn out drive when resealing. Looks great now and am very pleased with the finished result.

By Mr G Wyatt From Leicester
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Step-by-Step Video Guide

Colour Tints to restore original colour to Imprinted Concrete surfaces.

Add sparingly directly to sealer, until desired colour is achieved (always apply on a small test area first). Agitate regularly during application. 

Only recommended to be used in combination with MATT finish sealer.

WARNING: Unnecessary use, or too much colour added to sealer can cause peeling or flaking.

Only use with solvent based imprinted concrete sealer to bring back original colouring of driveway or patio.

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