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Imprinted Concrete Sealing Broom

Fits directly into drum for easy application of sealer.

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Product Description

Imprinted Concrete Sealing Broom for Driveways and Patios

10" soft yard broom for use when applying sealing pattern imprinted concrete sealer. Fits into the drum so the sealer can be applied from drum without decanting.

Before it is used for the first time, remove any loose hairs.

A re-usable broom that will harden after use. It can be re-immersed into the concrete sealer in future and will soften up after a few minutes.

When using for the first time, place the head of the broom into the sealer for 10 minutes to allow the hairs to soften up.

*See technical description for full application instructions prior to use.



Once purchased, you will only require one sealing broom, but 1st time it is used, often like any natural hair broom, it will shed hair.

Application by plastic hair broom or roller is not advised, use of roller will tend to leave excess sealer in the joints, which can create problems.

Please follow instructions below prior to use.

1. Before use rub the broom head on an abrasive surface and remove any loose hairs.

2. If you are using any Colour Tints or Anti-Slip Additive, stir regularly to the bottom of the drum, to keep additives in suspension.

3. Once finished, do not attempt to clean broom, just leave to dry.

4. When you are ready to use broom again, whether it is 1 day, 3 months or 5 years, just leave immersed in sealer for 5 minutes, it will soften up again and be ready for use.

It is that simple, the broom works great for applying imprinted concrete sealer, enabling you to use the product sparingly and not leaving any excess in the joints.

In summary, your sealing broom will literally last forever, you just need to get rid of any loose hairs, prior to use. If a few hairs still get stuck in the surface, do not worry, they will soon be released as the initial 'tackiness' of the sealer diminishes.


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