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How To Clean Block Paving Without A Pressure Washer

3rd May 2024
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How To Clean Block Paving Without A Pressure Washer

Clean block paving improves the appearance and durability of driveways, pavements, walkways, and patios. Block paving is a popular option for property owners because of its distinctive quality and appeal. As well as durability, the benefits of block paving include its versatility, its unique and decorative aesthetic, the value it adds to a property and how beautifully it cleans up.

Block Paving Cleaning
Removing Weeds From Pavers

One of the snags of having beautiful block paving is weeds growing in the gaps, they can hinder the appearance of the surface, and you will likely want it gone swiftly. While weeding can be tedious, cleaning weeds from block paving doesnít have to be a chore.

Smartsealís range of premium Block Paving Cleaners and cleaning tools lets you quickly transform your surface. Xtreme cleaning formulas easily remove weeds, moss, black spot and lichen from patios and driveways.

Pressure Washing Block Paving

You can use a regular hose or pressure washer when you clean block paving. If you opt for pressure-washing block paving, Smartsealís Xtreme Drive Cleaner is highly effective. This high-performance block paving and natural stone cleaner offers a fast and efficient way of ridding surfaces of weeds, dirt and moss without intense pressure.

Pressure Washing Block Paving

Efflorescence Removal

Efflorescence is a chalky white substance caused by salt deposits, often found on brick, mortar and plastered surfaces. It isnít harmful, but it is unattractive and can indicate other issues with the surface. Efflorescence removal is made easy with Smartsealís Efflorescence Remover for block paving and brickwork.
Use a sprayer or watering can to apply the formula to your surface and let it work its magic. Simply rinse away, and the white chalky mess will vanish. You may need to repeat the process in extreme cases. Your block paving will be clean, healthy and presentable in no time!

Block Paving Sealing
Why Seal Block Paving?

Sealing block paving forms a barrier that deters water, oil, and dirt while inhibiting weed and moss growth. The natural beauty of block paving will be preserved by sealing, slowing down natural deterioration. Block paving sealing is not compulsory, but it certainly has many benefits and helps you get the most from the appearance and lifespan of your surface.
Smartsealís Wet Look Block Paving Sealer is a solvent-based acrylic sealer with a silky finish that gives block paving an attractive sheen. It revitalises the colour of the surface and enhances its longevity, all with a simple application process. This durable sealer can be applied with either a roller or a sprayer.
tools for block paving

Smartsealís 12L Professional Sprayer is a lightweight chemical-resistant sprayer with a reinforced PCV hose. It includes everything you need to safely and effectively apply block paving sealer.
You can also apply the sealer using Smartsealís Professional Roller Kit. This enables swift and easy sealer application using a long-handled roller and heavy-duty scuttle to apply to large areas. This is a multiple-use roller kit, as the roller head can be replaced.

Why Seal Block Paving?

Types of Block Paving Sealers

There are various types of block paving sealers available to suit all needs. Smartseal offer three premium block paving sealers, all with unique qualities. These are:
Solvent-Based Block Paving Sealers Sealer with a natural-looking matt finish that will bring block paving alive. Offers UV, oil, stain and weed protection all year round.
Solvent-free Block Paving Sealer Eco-friendly, water-based sealer with no fumes or smell. It prevents weed and moss growth and protects block paving. Oil and stain-resistant and easy to apply.
Polyurethane Sealer for Block Paving Ultra-durable, UV, oil, stain and fuel-resistant sealer suitable for areas with heavy traffic. This colour-enhancing sealer has a matt finish and anti-peel qualities. Not recommended for retail use.
Rejuvenating Old Block Paving
If you have block paving that is old, fading or dirty, you may feel it needs replacing, but that is often not the case. Rejuvenating old block paving is not only possible, but itís also easily achievable. You can completely transform your surface with cleaning, sealing and the right care.

Block Paving Paint

Block paving paint is a highly effective way of revitalising tired block paving surfaces. Smartsealís Block Magic Block Paving Paint range is more efficient than cheap block paving paints. They add colour and vibrancy, bringing old surfaces to life, often restoring them to a near-new condition.

Block Paving Paint

Maintaining Block Paving

Block paving is durable and relatively easy to maintain. However, you must ensure you care for it correctly to keep it presentable and long-lasting. Your block paving will look fantastic with the correct cleaning and sealing products and application tools. Block paving driveways are a beautiful feature that can boost a property's value. Moss, weeds and general dirt can ruin the aesthetic appeal of a driveway.

Best Way To Clean Your Driveway

Smartsealís Driveway Cleaner eradicates dirt and stains from driveway surfaces. This fast-acting solution tackles tough stains on block paving, including oil and grease.

Moss and Algae Removal

Moss and algae thrive on porous surfaces and are extremely unpleasant. Smartsealís Green Clear Moss ad Algae Remover is a high-performance cleaner that kills moss, algae and lichen while deterring future infestations. It is specially crafted to tackle organic matter on driveways, patios and brickwork. No scrubbing or intense pressure cleaning is needed Ė just apply with a sprayer or watering can, and it will take care of the rest!

Block paving is an excellent addition to any setting and, when cared for correctly, could add style and even value to a home. Block paving cleaning and sealing is the best way to preserve the quality of your block paving surface.
Contact Smartseal to find out more about our premium surface care products.

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