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Damp Proofing for Brickwork and Masonry

Protection for Walls, Masonry and Brickwork against Water Ingress and Damp Penetration

One of the biggest challenges facing homeowners in Ireland is keeping walls dry and protected from damp. Water ingress on brickwork and masonry is commonplace as most walls are not protected and damp can quickly set in.

Over time this can cause a lot of problems and may result in costly repair bills if the damp is left unchecked and allowed to spread. These potentially expensive problems can all be avoided as our registered contractors in Ireland have the materials available to help prevent water ingress on walls and brickwork. This can have a two-fold effect, firstly it can create a protective barrier on an external wall with high levels of water repellancy.

It can also help you save money by preventing heat loss through damp wet walls. Fuel bills will inevitably go up as internal heat in a home is loss via heat transfer as walls dry out.

If you live in Dublin, Cork, Galway or Sligo and would like your walls or masonry protected against damp, we can help. Our registered contractors in Ireland can protect your walls from penetrating damp by applying Climashield Masonry Protection Cream. The cream is a highly protective silane/siloxane formulation that will provide long lasting protection to walls made from brickwork and masonry.

If you would like a quote for damp proofing on your walls, just send your request by using our online enquiry form.

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