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Brick sealer and brick waterproofer to protect brick walls and masonry

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The product arrived promptly and I have treated 2 or 3 walls just this weekend. The Brick Sealer was odourless and pleasant to apply. It even seems to have enhanced the colour of the brickwork. After 24 hours, I gave 1 wall a quick splash with a hose for a "test". The water just formed globules and bounced off. Brilliant product, perhaps a little expensive, but well worth the price. Thank you Smartseal !!!!

By Pete T. From St Albans

No more leaks in flat-roofed utility room after applying Smartseal to brickwork above it.

By David Moseley

Applied to the bottom 1/2 metre of our bungalow as every few years a stream that runs through the garden overflows and we are surrounded by about 10 cm of water. The bricks are very absorbent and we were getting some mould growth in wardrobes. Since applying the sealer we no longer have a problem. Great product.

By Joan Danvers From North Yorkshire

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Brick sealer and brick waterproofer to protect brick walls and masonry

Highly effective penetrating sealer for brickwork.

Smartseal Brick sealer is a solvent free brick sealer that creates a powerful water repellent barrier on all forms of brickwork and masonry. The brick sealer is designed to deeply penetrate into the substrate and provide lasting protection against damp and moisture ingress. The brick sealer works by sealing  the porous voids, whilst still leaving the substrate breathable so moisture can still escape.

The brick sealer will provide long term protection, without changing the look of the wall or brick.  Application of the brick sealer is easy by brush or roller with no specialist skills required.

Brick sealer can be applied as a highly effective water proof barrier to an existing or planned flood protection system.

By helping to keep walls dry, the brick sealer is also proven to increase thermal efficiency. Average energy savings of approx. 6% can be expected on most properties. Savings as high as 29%, can be achieved if the brick sealer is combined with other heat saving technologies.

Step-by-Step Video Guide


Sealer for brick walls and masonry.

Brick sealer that protects against water ingress into brickwork and soiling. Brick walls or masonry treated with Smartseal impregnating brick sealer will remain cleaner and drier, reducing deterioration and cleaning costs.


  • Oil and Water Repellent
  • Prevents Organic Growth
  • Stain and Dirt Resistant
  • Solvent Free
  • Waterproofer

For best results, apply generously allowing complete saturation. On most types of brickwork, coverage of around 5m2 per litre is to be expected. On stone walls and specialist bricks, coverage up to 10m2 per litre can be expected.

Store sealed in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, use entire contents as soon as possible.

Apply by sprayer, roller or paint brush. Once fully cured, the wall, brick, stone  or masonry will have a  clear dry/invisible finish.

Wear appropriate safety wear at all times. Technical data sheets and additional technical information is available upon request.

Do not apply at temperatures below 5 degrees

REACH Compliant Water-Based Protective Solution